Step by step since 1998 with meticulous planning, quality & reliability of equipments with prompt after sales services which is a mere positive result of our expertise and confidence has helped us to construct the strong base of clientele.

The Laboratory Equipment manufactured or trade by us are diverse in nature and have wide applications for Quality Control Laboratory, R&D Center & general laboratories of industries viz; Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Oil & Gas, Cement, Pulp and Paper, Fertilizers, Defense, Railways, Paint etc....

ZETEK also offers Clean Room Equipments like Class 100 Clean Rooms, Laminar Flow Cabinets, Operation-Rooms dully Sterilize, Garment Cubicles, Pressure Modules, Pass Box etc......

ZETEK offers variety of services connected to Laboratory such as :

                                                    > Designing & Commissioning of Complete New Laboratory
                                                    > Laboratory Equipments
                                                    > Imported Instruments
                                                    > Calibration and Validation



PI-Series Analytical Balance

    Analytical Balance


  • Programmable environmental settings provide superior performance in difficult production and laboratory conditions


  • DenverCal automated internal calibration improves calibration procedures by offering three user-selectable options for greater productivity


  • Large powerful, backlit display with 0.7-high digits provides excellent visibility in poor lighting conditions


  • User-friendly menu navigation simplifies operation for increased productivity when changing balance applications


  • Multiple weighing units offer greater versatility -- choose among 16 units or define a custom unit


  • Use with weighing applications such as parts counting, percent weighing, and animal or dynamic weighing

Pinnacle Series balances offer the latest advances in weighing technology with an advanced, yet simple, user interface for superior performance in an easy-to-use balance.

Compound Binocular Microscope

Compound Binocular Microscope 40x-2000x + 1.3 MP Camera

  • Professional eight magnification settings from 40X to 2000X

  • High quality optical lenses and Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm

  • Sturdy metal framework and double layer mechanical stage

  • 1.3M (1280x1024) Pixel High resolution USB2.0 camera with 0.5x reduction lens

  • Advanced editing & measuring software compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7



ZETEK  Precision Power Supply Triple Output Programable

ZETEK  Precision Power Supply Triple Output Programable

Fully programmable triple output DC Power Supply delivering 0-30V/0-3A on 2 outputs and 0-5V/0-3A on 1 output. Each output is fully floating and outputs can be adjusted independently or connected in series or parallel to produce higher voltages or currents. Ideally suited for applications in electronic test, production and service, where multiple independent DC supplies are required and bench space is at a premium. Features: 3 independent, fully programmable and electrically isolated outputs Display & adjust Voltage and Current settings for all 3 channels simultaneously Flexible output configuration: Operate in series or parallel tracking mode SCPI compatible command set. Communicate via USB interface using the included USB to TTL Serial Converter cable RS232 interface cable, converting from RS232 to TTL, is optional (order IT-131) OVP (Over Voltage) and OTP (Over Temperature) protection Output on/off control Excellent stability and regulation Very compact foot print (rack mountable 2U x 1/2U) Application Software for front panel emulation and simple test sequence generation included 50 memory locations for instrument state storage & recall Specifications: Output Ratings 0C - 40C: Voltage 0 - 30V (Ch1&2), 0 - 5V (Ch3) Current: 0 - 3A (Ch1&2), 0 - 3A (Ch3) LVP: 0 - 31V(Ch1&2), 0 - 6V (Ch3) Load Regulation (%of output + offset): Voltage: ≤0.01% + 3mV Current: ≤0.01% + 3mA Line Regulation (%of output + offset): Voltage: ≤0.01% + 3mV Current: ≤0.1% + 3mA Programming Resolution Voltage: 1mV Current: 1mA Readback Resolution Voltage: 1mV Current: 1mA Programming Accuracy 12 month (at 25C 5C) (%of output + offset): Voltage: ≤0.03% + 10mV Current: ≤0.1% + 5mA Readback accuracy 12 month (at 25C 5C) (%ofoutput + offset): Voltage: ≤0.03% + 10mV Current: ≤0.1% +5mA Ripple Voltage: ≤1mVrms/3mVp-p Noise Voltage: ≤3mVrms Temperature coefficient (0C - 40C)

ZETEK Electric Sterilizers

ZETEK Electric Sterilizers
  • Metal-To-Metal Seal; no costly gasket to replace

  • Ideal for doctors, dentists, first aid stations, hospitals, and laboratories for dependable sterilization.

  • Inner container capacity: 14.5 Quarts / 13.7 Liters

  • Equipped with dial gauge, control valve, excess pressure relief valve, and overpressure plug

  • UL Approved





Labnics space saving and light weight benchtop and floor model centrifuges are designed for numerous low or high speed laboratory applications, including models with fixed angle rotors, swing buckets, and vertical and zonal continuous flow rotors. Speeds range from 3,000 to 30,000 rpm and have a maximum RCF up to 100,620xg.


Spectrophotometer UV-Vis

Spectrophotometer UV-Vis

 spectrophotometers offer rapid analysis with unsurpassed accuracy, repeatability and stability. They incorporate highly integrated and automated data collection and control systems and are designed for efficiency and reliable for many years of low cost performance. offers a wide range of Spectrophotometers to meet the demands of todays laboratory challenges. From basic compact models to comprehensive research-grade UV-Visible Spectrophotometers, FTIR spectrometers and Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers to satisfy the demand of high precision & reliability for variety of applications.


StableTemp Ceramic Hot Plate

StableTemp Ceramic Hot Plate, 10" x 10", 120 VAC
  • Microprocessor allows for precise control of temperature throughout entire range
  • Hot Surface Warning safety symbol remains lit until top plate cools below 50C
  • Cast-aluminum base has molded contours to divert liquid spills away from internal components
  • Temp range: 86 to 752F (30 to 400C)
  • Top plate dimensions: 10 in x 10 in
  • Top plate material: Ceramic
  • Max load capacity: 35 lb
  • Power (Hz): 50/60
  • Product Type: Digital Hot Plates
  • Brand: StableTemp
  • Dimensions: 11.5 in x 4 in x 15.75 in
  • Power (VAC): 120